Materials Handling – Overhead Crane Operation

What do you need to do before going a load?
Make sure all loose materials, components, blocking and packaging are removed from the load before lifting.
Eliminate any slack in the sling and hoisting ropes before lifting the load.
Be certain that the lifting apparatus chairs in the saddle of the hook.
Confirm that the load isn’t heavier than the maximum load capability.
How should you proceed loads safely?
Move crane controls easily. Avoid abrupt, jerky motions of the load.
Follow signs only from 1 slinger in control of the elevator, except a stop sign.
Make Sure everybody is off from the load before hoisting. Siren or other Warning device and begin to vibrate gradually.
Make sure nothing gets or links on the load while increasing it or travel.
Make sure that nothing obstructs the motion of a load.
Maintain Stops functioning; The load can usually be reduced by reversing the Hoist control to the second or first point.
Remain in a crane taxi during a power failure. Put controls in “off” position, draw attention and await support.
What do you need to do before departing the crane?
Eliminate the load hanging on crane hooks.
Lift all hooks into a mid-position.

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Position the crane in a specified place.
Before shutting the principal button, ensure that all controls are in the “off” place.
Don’t take anything in your hands when Items Which are too Big to enter Pockets or belts must be lifted to or reduced by the crane by rope.
Don’t run a crane in case limit switches are out of sequence, or if wires show flaws. More Information Here.
Don’t reduce the cubes below the point at which less than two full wraps of wire stay around the drum.
Don’t lift a load on the side. Centre the crane right above the load before hoisting to prevent shifting the load.
Can Not depart slings dangling in the loading hook. Have pins placed On the Twist Ring when taking slings into the load?
Don’t increase loads higher than required to clean objects.
Don’t pass a burden over employees.
Don’t undo a motor until it’s come to a complete stop except to prevent injuries.
Don’t depart suspended loads unattended.

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