5 ways you can develop a successful e-commerce strategy

Online shopping is the trend now. However, it still couldn’t replace the brick-and-mortar stores. The reason is that people still want to see and feel the products in person. Developing an e-commerce strategy is not easy. Here are some ways online retailers can improve their sales. 

Go beyond customer’s expectations


Online retailers should work towards giving shoppers a better experience than they expected. These include delivering orders on time, provide quality assurance programs like a money-back guarantee, etc.

Keep the e-commerce site simple


The website must be simple and easy to navigate. You should consider your site as an online extension of your store. You shouldn’t make your store messy with complicated designs and tools. The checkout process should be straightforward and simple. Your page shouldn’t take too much time to load; else the shoppers will leave your page.

Study the market


The market condition of every business is unique. So, you cannot have a fit-all strategy for your business. You should study the demographics, operating costs, consumer preferences, etc. You should have a tailored approach to the local market you target.

Specialize in the products you provide


You shouldn’t provide everything for everyone. You should specialize your products and services. You should only focus on the products that you know will sell well online, instead of offering all the things a brick and mortar offers.

Experiment with distribution and ordering approaches

You should experiment with various features and formats to increase the shopping basket size of the shopper. It can be expensive to bear the costs and logistics of home delivery service. So, you can hire a third party instead. You can experiment with the order placement services to make sure which approach works the best.

By developing a sound business strategy, your e-commerce can go a long way. You should change your business strategy according to the business needs and keep up with the trend and competition.

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4 tips to becoming a good business consultant

The consulting industry is full of talented people who have graduated from the top schools and are high performers. You should find ways to fit into this competitive culture if you want to be a good business consultant. Here are some tips that can help you.

Do whatever you say


You should build trust and credibility with your clients and team by doing exactly what you said. Your team will rely on you for support. You should be consistent in your quality and build trust at an early stage. You should master in MS Excel and PowerPoint because these are the two tools that you will often be using.

Have attention to detail


By giving attention to detail, you will be able to produce error-free deliverables. You should make sure that no grammatical or accounting mistakes are present in your work. This will reflect the overall image of your team in front of the clients. Some people have a natural attention to detail, but other people have to work for it.

Develop specialized skill

At the beginning of your career as a business consultant, you will have to move between industries and broaden your experience. Slowly, you should focus on the skill that you are best at and try to develop it. After you become specialized in something, it will make you stand out from the others.

You should think before doing something


You should have the ability to think critically about the work. Before executing a plan, it’s important to give enough time to think whether this is the right approach to the problem.

As a consultant, you should hold back from asking questions to your clients if needed. You should approach for help to the manager and the other employees of the company to make you understand something that you are not clear about. If you follow these tips, you will become a good consultant and you will have a bright future.

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4 reasons why a company will benefit from hiring a marketing consultant

Many people find it difficult to decide whether to hire a marketing consultant or to hire a permanent employee. The decision depends on your goal. Here are some benefits of hiring a marketing consultant.

Get experience and expertise

Marketing consultants have the specific skill sets that others don’t have. Some projects have a very short lifespan; so you need people with the right knowledge to help you complete the task successfully.  A marketing consultant can help you launch new products, re-brand your organization, find out areas of opportunities, and more.

Provide cost effective solution

If you compare the costs of hiring a permanent employee with that of a marketing consultant, then you will see that you save a lot of money in the long run. You should take into account the employee’s annual salary, benefits, travel, sick days, training, etc.  You need to pay an employee 25-30% on top of their base salary every year. So, you will find out that hiring a marketing consultant is more cost effective.

Get seamless integration

Consultants are experts in handling projects. They can take the initiatives and know how to execute the tasks. You can hire temporary marketing consultants to fill the gap when you are searching for the right candidate for your company.

Achieve results


Marketing consultants focus on the objectives of the business. They are not bothered about the politics that go on inside a company. They join the company for a purpose, and they solely focus on that purpose.

You should hire a marketing consultant if you see that your sales are not increasing for a long time. This indicates that there is some gap in your marketing efforts. A marketing consultant can help you fill in that gap.

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